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Bennett Roth-Newell is a pianist/keyboardist, composer/arranger, emcee, producer, and multi-genre music educator based in the 

San Francisco Bay Area. Bennett began piano lessons when he 

was 7 years old and by age 10 became fascinated with jazz. 

After playing mostly classical music during his first few years 

of studying piano, Bennett set off on a path of learning jazz standards and immersed himself in the music of the jazz 

giants—especially of legendary jazz pianists Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, and Bill Evans—while practicing determinedly 

to develop his sound on the piano as an improviser. Starting as 

a teenager, he also found a love in hip-hop music and began 

honing his craft as a lyricist, recording artist, producer, and 

live performer.

He studied jazz piano with John Simon and jazz arranging with trombonist/composer Doug Leibinger. He completed his undergraduate education as Distinguished Graduate in

Jazz Studies. Bennett ventured to San Jose State University

directly after and completed a master’s degree in jazz studies

while studying jazz composition and arranging with saxophonist/composer Aaron Lington and jazz piano

with the late esteemed pianist Frank Sumares.

Some of Bennett's career highlights & current endeavors include:

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